Landowner and community benefits governed by 3 key agreements.

  1. Mining Development Contract
  2. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Government, landowners and community covering royalty distribution,overnment commitments e.g. infrastructure
  3. Integrated Benefits Package (IBP) First signed in 1995 and to be reviewed every 5 years between Lihir Gold Limited, landowners and community covers:


  • Mining Development Contract 
  • Integrated Benefits Package (IBP) 1995 incorporating:
  • Putput & Ladolam Relocation
  • Putput Community
  • Londolovit Township
  • Land Crops Water & Air Compensation
  • Kapit Relocation
  • MOA Re. Lihir Project between State and New Ireland Provincial Government
  • MOA Re. Lihir Project between State and LMALA
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