Lihir Sustainable Development Plan

The Lihir Destiny Vision has its roots in a long history of Lihirian leaders seeking to help Lihir to secure a prosperous and lasting future.

The Lihir Destiny Vision was further developed during the first IBP negotiations which began in 2001.

During this time, leaders from LMALA and NLLG became involved in the Personal Viability (PV) Program. PV strongly influenced the leaders’ views about the vision and aims which should support the LSDP.

Ultimately, LMALA and NLLG leaders crafted the Lihir Destiny Vision as an expression of the Lihirian society they want to achieve through the development made possible by the mining operation. The leaders have a long-term vision that is focused for a healthy, wealthy, happy and wise society.

The LSDP Committee is the key representative group responsible forplanning and monitoring the implementation of the revised Integrated Benefits Package (IBP), known as the Lihir Sustainable Development Plan (LSDP). Lihir Gold Limited is part of this multi-stakeholder committee, which also includes LMALA, NRLLG, PWA, MRL, and the Church. Through regular meetings and joint commitment stakeholders are working to ensure that the LSDP is effectively implemented for the benefit of all Lihirians.

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