Lihir Mining Area Landowners Association

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Lihir Mining Area Landowners Association (LMALA) LMALA is the key representative organisation for Lihirians who own land within the Special Mining Lease Zone.

This includes landowners from Lipuko, Putput, Kapit, Londolovit, Kunayie, Zuen and also Malie Island. LMALA also represents the wider Lihirian community with representatives from the six major clans: Lamatlik, Nayal, Nissal, Tengawom, Tinetalgo & Unawos.

LMALA was officially formed in 1989 during the negotiation phase of the mine. LMALA’s principal functions are to represent the interests of SML landowners in all aspects of the Lihir mining development, mediate with the government and the company on behalf of landowners, and monitor and report on the provisions of the compensation and development agreements.

LMALA promotes the welfare of mining area landowners and works to ensure their fair representation. LMALA acts as a liaison body between the Ladolam, Londolovit, Kapit, Samo, Hurtol, Kunaiye, Lambuar and Zuen people and other groups or organisations about land or other customary matters.

LMALA Community Forum
Community Forum at LMALA Hall in Londolovit on 21/05/2009.

LMALA is a non-profit organisation which aims to:

  • Negotiate and make agreements in the interests of all mining area landowners
  • Promote unity among LMALA members to give them strength in their negotiations with developers, government and other organisations
  • Oversee the fair and equitable distribution of any proceeds derived from the Lihir Gold Mine Project and from dealings in traditional land according to Lihirian custom
  • Clarify and record land ownership and inheritance in the mining area.

LMALA signed the Lihirian Sustainable Development Plan (LSDP) on behalf of mine affected landowners.

LMALA is very committed to the LSDP and believes it is the best plan for Lihir. Although LMALA does not have official responsibility for infrastructure development or certain community development programs under the LSDP, it has stepped in to manage programs such as Town Planning because the NSPA has been unable to perform its role as planned. LMALA believes the next important step is to build a strong working relationship between LMALA and the NLLG. LMALA also believes it must raise awareness about the LSDP at the village level so that community members have a better understanding of what the LSDP is, how it is intended to work and the benefits people in Lihir can expect to receive from the Agreement.

The LMALA offices are located in Londolovit town. They are open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday.

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