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The NRLLG is the local level branch of the Government of Papua New Guinea. It was officially formed in 1997. The NRLLG represents all Lihirians.

 The name Nimamar was taken from the names of the four islands in Lihir, and is intended to imply unity.

In Lihir there are 15 Wards. Each Ward democratically elects a representative called a Ward Member. The Ward Members and the President of the NRLLG, who is also democratically elected by the Lihirian population, form the Tumbawinlam Assembly. The Assembly also has two Women’s Representatives.

Each Ward Member is given a different portfolio. These include: Finance and Planning, Technology, Lihir Sustainable Development Plan, Business Development, Education, Culture, Agriculture and Livestock, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Social Services, and Law and Order.

Each Ward Member appoints a Ward Development Committee, which contains a Ward Secretary, a Women’s Representative, a Church Representative, a Youth Representative, and Culture Representative. Individual villages within each ward also form Village Planning Committees. The NRLLG has an executive management and officers for Education, Health, Women, Population and Planning.


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The NLLG is the elected representative of Lihirian people. It signed the IBP (1995) Agreement and the 2007 LSDP Agreement on behalf of all Lihirians. The NLLG was established in 1995 under the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Governments and agreed to take a lead role to ensure the LSDP is successfully implemented.

The NLLG says that they are concerned that the LSDP has not been fully implemented as planned. The NLLG believes it has a duty to provide Programs such as education and infrastructure, but this has been a challenge. There have been struggles over politics and ownership and fighting over money. The NLLG says that this experience has shown stakeholders that they must work together. NLLG believes the LSDP is a well-written plan which is strengthened by the fact that it is ‘home-grown’. The NLLG believes that Lihirians can achieve a healthy, wealthy, happy and wise society by following the LSDP.

The NRLLG offices are located at Potzlaka.They are open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday

Nimamar Local Level Government Portfolios

By Tony Sapan

The Nimamar Local Level Government, under Mr. Ambrose Silul as President announced its chairmen of various government committees on December 20 at the Nimamar Local Level Government Tumbawinlam Assembly Hall at Potslaka, Lihir, New Ireland.

Mr. Silul, besidAmbrose Silul President Nimamar Local Level Governmentes being the President, is also chairman for Finance, Planning and Investments. Mr. Benjamin Amolam the Member for Ward 10 is the chairman for Primary Industry and the Member for Ward Six Mr. Ignatius Raka is the chairman for Commerce and Industry.

Works and Technical Services is chaired by the Member for Ward One Mr. Joseph Naseleh, Forestry and Environment comes under the chairmanship of the Member for Ward Seven Mr. Michael Loskit and Mining and Mine Closure comes under the Member for Ward Two Mr. Paul Matkiah.

Member for Ward Three Mr. Martin Zanayes retains the chair for Education and Training, the Member for Ward 15 Mr. Joseph Sitiaman is the chairman for Youth and Sports and Church comes under the chairmanship of Mr. Thomas Wanman the Member for Ward 14.

The NLLG Law and Order Committee is chaired by Mr. Peter Teptep the Member for Ward 11, Custom and Culture comes under the chairmanship of Member for Ward Five Mr. Ignatius Tamgel and Health is chaired by the Member for Ward 12 Mr. John Yaspot.

Announcing the chairmanship of various government committees at his government’s inaugural meeting NLLG President, Mr. Ambrose Silul told the members that he had allocated the chairmanship of the Government’s Primary Industry Committee to a member from the agricultural hub of Lihir where there is a lot of land for agricultural development.

Mr. Silul also announced the appointment of two women representatives to the Tumbawinlam Assembly following their swearing in by the Lihir Resident Magistrate, Mr. Pious Tapi.

President of the Nimamar Local Level Government on Lihir, Ambrose Silul.

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