Prior to the Lihir Gold Project Lihirians were talking about the 'Peketon' (wave) and Lihir becoming a City”.

This was the Lihir Dream.


The vision of the Lihir Leaders is for Lihir to be Self-Reliant and Financially Independent.


The mission of the Lihir Leaders is to create a healthy, wealthy, happy and wise society.

Mining Development

The first and subsequent Integrated Benefits Packages (IBP) has clearly communicated how the resource development on Lihir should and continue to proceed. Compensation for the landowners is based on the notion of ‘Permanent replacement for permanent loss’.


To ensure that development in all villages in Lihir will happen in parallel to the development of the Lihir Gold Project.


To ensure that development in Lihir is balanced in all villages and wards in Lihir.


To ensure that development in Lihir is sustainable i.e. development in Lihir must be able to sustain itself without being dependant on the Lihir Gold Project.


To ensure that development in Lihir is stable. This must happen in harmony with the Lihir Society; not destroy and erode the order and culture that existed in the society prior to the operation of the Lihir Gold Project.

Non-mining Development

The Lihir Sustainable Development Plan (LSDP) will use the Lihir Gold Project as a stepping stone only; its sustainability will not be dependent on the mine.

This means funding from the Lihir Gold Project will be used to set it up but its sustainability and ongoing life will depend on undertaking non mining related activities.

To ensure that the LSDP is successful, priority projects/programs must be consistent with the Non Mining Plan. The implementation of the LSDP will be done in four phases with each phase spanning five years.

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