The process used to prepare this plan

The Lihir Cultural Heritage Workshop utilised the Stepping Stones for Heritage participatory planning process that has been developed in Australia for cultural heritage planning over the last decade. The Stepping Stones for Heritage guide people through key steps for heritage conservation and management. The process is based on internationally recognised heritage conservation processes, and can be used for all forms of heritage whether natural or cultural, tangible or intangible.

The steps The workshop facilitation and support team translated the Stepping Stones for Heritage steps into Tok Pisin and various versions of the process were produced for use in the workshop, including large laminated versions of the process, an A4 handout and large coloured footprints that were used on a groundsheet during workshop meetings. During the workshop, the plan was progressively developed by recording workshop discussions of each step in a large paper book.

Workshop sessions were held in Londolovit and Palie on Aniolam, and on the islands of Mahur, Masahet and Malie over the course of the eight day workshop. Over 1000 Lihirians, including children, participated in, or observed sessions held during the workshop. These sessions were aimed at both informing the wider Lihirian community of the cultural heritage planning process as well as gathering specific information to help

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